How Does Selling Your Military Pension or VA Disability Work

How It Works

VBL is the go-to source when you want to leverage your military retirement or VA disability benefit income stream for a lump sum of cash, in order to cover an unexpected life event, finance an opportunity, or simply to have the peace of mind that cash on hand can bring. We call it simple economics: most people would rather have a few dollars today than a few cents today and tomorrow. VBL helps you leverage your assets into cash that YOU own! Through our market-leading program, VBL helps you sell a portion of your future military or VA disability pension income – it’s not a loan, and you’re not “selling your whole pension.” This process is very different than most traditional ways of raising capital, and that means it’s an innovative solution that can work when other doors may be closed.


VBL Will Put YOUR Money in YOUR Hands!

If your money is trickling in little by little and you do not have control over how YOU spend YOUR assets.
If you want to see an IMMEDIATE increase in your bank account instead of payments spread out for years and years to come? VBL can Help!


Our company at a glance

Our Visions, values and goals put us among only a handful of other companies who have made measurable progress guided by the same standards. We are one of the fastest growing companies among the old timers and we thrive with success. This drives us to taking much different initiatives and raising the bar to newer and higher standards to achieve what we have set as our goals and we keep moving forward with even more understanding, guided by the same values.
VBL was built around innovative yet simple dynamics with our clients in mind.