Military Pension Loans

Getting a Loan using your Military Pension?

When attempting to secure a collateral loan, it is possible to make use of your military pension income as the security for that loan. Many banks, lenders and financial institutions have restrictions on how and even if a military pension or VA Disability can be used as collateral, making it necessary to work with a credible firm to determine if this is an option.


How We Can Help

We provide a way for our clients to leverage their Military Pension or VA Disability payments into a lump sum of cash by selling off a trickle of their monthly payments. This program is not a loan and you are not selling or assigning your military pension payments to a 3rd party.

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How long does it take?
It can take up to 4 weeks but all cases vary.


Some Pros and Cons:​

If you take a loan against your military pension, you must assume responsibility for how the money is invested and how much you can afford to spend each month. One danger with a pension loan is that you may be tempted to spend too much today, leaving you short of money down the line. By choosing a steady monthly payout, you'll avoid the temptation to run through your pension stash.

Who is qualified?

Our program works across the board for many types of Pensioners and individuals who are currently receiving a pension or annuity. Some of our clients are receiving two pension streams (DFAS and VA) and would rather acquire a lump sum of cash for one of their incoming streams of cash.

Some of our clients who are being turned down by banks and financial institutions because of bad or no credit are now leveraging a portion of their monthly military retirement pension or VA Disability payments they are receiving to get the capital they need to pay off bills, buy a home out right or start a new business.

If you fall into one of these categories, and would like to see what our military pension loan program can offer you in terms of a lump some of cash, then fill out our no cost, no obligation online application form and we will give you several quotes that are dependent on what your current income streams are.


Process of selling your VA disability or military pension and how it works >>>


Some facts about taking out a loan against your VA disability:

Selling a portion of your future military pension or VA disability payments allows you to turn future income into present cash, putting control of your money into your hands. ​
By selling a portion of your future military pension or VA disability payments your can liquidate debt, start a business, improve your credit score and put cash in your pocket now.
Nowhere else can you leverage your military retirement or VA disability benefit income by exchanging a future trickle of income for cold, hard cash in your hands today. You’ve worked hard to earn your money; shouldn’t you have control over it?