Our clients are cashing in $1,000s every day!


Since the time our company was launched we have continuously made changes and upgrades to better serve our clients. We take pride in knowing that we do our very best.

The following list represents only a mere fraction of the actual clients that received direct cash funding through our buyout services. If you have a qualified benefit plan and need to raise a lump sum of cash for whatever reason (regardless of your personal credit), contact us today for a complimentary no obligation benefit buyout quote!




I contacted Mark to inquire about a potential sell of my VA compensation. From our first phone call, things were laid out in simple terms and I felt confident moving forward. We designed a sale that would help me get the cash out that I needed and not cause any financial hardship with the payment terms. I was contacted throughout the entire process and I knew exactly what was needed and what came next. I was amazed at how efficiently and quickly the process moved.  I am very happy with my service and the support during this process. - Heather F.


This was such an easy process... all my concerns and fears where put to rest in the first 2-3 emails. Now this is not an overnight process, we are talking thousands of dollars and peoples nest eggs are invested in you so understand it will take a few weeks but you will be very well pleased.  The sale was step by step with no wondering what was next or what am I supposed to be doing if anything. Mark and Kaylee have been so upfront and professional, I wish all business's today were conducted and run like this one. They paid the creditors and wired me the left over funds so simple and easy. If you are looking for a company to assist you stay away from those on TV go with this team you'll be a winner all the way, Dave K



I retired from the Military in 2014 and am also a 100 percent disabled veteran. After retirement, I went right to work and like everyone else, I spent money figuring I had three incomes and the debt built. I took out multiple credit cards and had no problem paying. I eventually went to loans to consolidate my credit cards. Bad Idea. The interest and the payments became overwhelming.
But as time went on, my illnesses from the Military became worse and found myself not being able to work. I exhausted my savings trying to keep up and would have wound up underwater had it not been for Bradling Financial Group. Like many who consider this, I was concerned and skeptical, but eventually, I reached out and made contact with Mark Corbett. He explained to me that this is not for everyone. And not everyone gets approved. He said in order to be approved it had to be beneficial for me otherwise they would not do it. Once I decided I wanted to move forward and proved to them it would benefit me, the process was very efficient and quick. They provide you the required paperwork with step-by-step processes to assist you along the way. It’s a simple process. They also take the work out of it by sending the payoffs to the creditors for you. Everyone from Mark and Mike to Lynn and Kaylee were absolutely professional and didn’t make me feel like I had failed. They were very prompt in responding to both phone calls and emails. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a time that they did not actually answer the phone when I called. They came up with an amount and a payment which allowed me to pay over $40,000 in debt plus interest and lowered my monthly payments by more than $1,400 a month. They really came through in my time of need. I know there are many skeptics out there and many articles giving companies like this a bad name because I did a ton of research, but you cannot lump VBL into those. I highly recommend them to anyone needing to utilize their future assets to help them through rough financial times. Again. I cannot thank them enough for giving me this fresh start. Laurence L.



My wife and I have been planning for her retirement within the next 6 years.  With small Credit Card debt and a few other smaller debts looming over us I wanted to get these taken care of and put us in a position to start saving. When I thought it was going to be impossible to accomplish, Mark and the Brandling Finical Group stepped up and took over. I was hesitant at first that this could happen but I’m a believer.  If you are having Financial issues and need help in finding a way to overcome them. Contact Mark.  You will not be disappointed!  Mark was very helpful and reassuring thru the entire process that we can make this happen.  I want to thank Mark and the Team for making this happen. Michael T


​​I’m a 20 year military retiree and a disabled veteran. After a divorce and helping my sibling keep her house from being foreclosed, I found myself struggling to keep up with my own bills. My credit score took a major hit and although I was having my retirement, VA disability, and Post 9/11 benefits deposited into the nation’s biggest military related bank, they would not even extend me $500 in overdraft protection. To them I had become just a credit score and not someone who had served their country honorably for 20 years and needed just a way to consolidate debt that was now over 7 years old. With no other financial institution willing to take a chance on me, I thought my only hope was to seek out high interest rate pay day loans. Fortunately for me I found VBL. At first I was skeptical, but after doing my own research and talking with Mark, he put all of my fears and doubts to rest. Mark was very professional and from the outset, laid everything out for me. There were no hidden fees, no hard to understand contract verbiage. Mark proved to me that he wanted to make sure this transaction would benefit me both in the short and long term. Everything I needed to make an informed decision was provided to me. I was able to select an amount that I was comfortable with and the contract terms are very reasonable. When compared to what I had already paid in high interest rates on credit cards and installment loans the amount I would be saving with Mark in just 6 years was almost $40K! The entire process was smooth and effortless. As a matter of fact the only hiccups were caused by me, but Mark and his excellent team which includes Kaylee, Michael, Tina, and Karen kept me on track. Mark and his company gave me the chance that the “so called” respectable institutions would not. With Mark I was more than just a credit score. I was a man who had the ability to repay my debts and improve my credit worthiness and quality of life. I’m grateful for Mark and the VBL . Thanks for giving me back my financial freedom. Xavier W, San Antonio.



As a retired Police Officer, I found myself backed up in debt, due to unforeseen incidents over the years. Mr. Corbett and his staff are life savers. After researching and then speaking to Mr. Corbett who was very professional and informative; I decided to go through with the sale of a portion of my pension. From start to finish everyone associated with Mr. Corbett went above and beyond to help expedite my sale which closed in less than 6 weeks. This sale definitely worked for me. I am now happy to say that:  I can finally get out of debt without filling for bankruptcy, have some breathing room again and now I am able to enjoy more of my monthly pension. I would gladly recommend VBL to anyone. Thank you so much. Brenda B, NYC



From the very first time I spoke with me Corbett on the telephone he instilled confidence in me in regards to being able to become debt free. I am 51 years old with three kids in college and three grand kids I am supporting and have been for the last 10 years. At times we can become a bit overwhelmed with debt and in this case VBL has placed me in a place that I really longed for. Now I only have one payment and that’s to them for getting me out of debt with over 11 companies to include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). I am grateful to be, for the first time in my life, debt free to multiple vendors. My goal now is to help other veterans gain the same.  I will definitely market these companies in the future to my cohorts. Sincerely Bryant S. Aberdeen, MD



I have had nothing short of an excellent experience with the entirety of this process. The entire team who worked with me, did their diligence in providing answers to my questions and guiding me along the process. Life happens and this was an excellent option to help clear the air for my family so we can purchase a home. However, prepare yourself to respond quickly and efficiently with any documentation you may need to submit. It makes it easier for everyone with timely delivery. Carl C



My name is Jeff J. from Atlanta, my wife and I have been putting our daughter  through college the last four years and we got behind on ours bills. Needles to say it effected our cash flow along with our credit score and we needed away to catch-up and pay the creditors off and bring our credit score back into good standing. This was the perfect solution. our creditors have been paid and we're able to support our daughter in college and now have extra income every month. The process was all completed online and VBL was there every step of the way to help... Thank you!!! Jeff J, Atlanta



VBL is an easy to understand pension buyout option for people like me who would like to spend a certain amount of the pension due in the present, instead of waiting for the scheduled monthly payments. The option is often used by retired officials or people with an annuity fund.
After retirement from the position of XYZ at the ABC Institute, there were a number of drastic changes in the daily routine which I had to adjust to. My family supported me through my moments of hopelessness and boredom with a graceful patience. In such moments of dejection, my biggest concern was the sudden bottleneck on my financial conditions as there was no longer a huge check coming in at the end of every month, but rather a small portion from the veteran disability fund. It pained me to see my family cut down expenses to a bare minimum.
Only then did I discover VBL, and how it supports families like mine. Pension buyouts were a new concept to me at the time but the officials at VBL took their time to explain and counsel me before I could choose an option, they also counseled my husband and I that this is not an option for everyone.  I also worked on clearing all debt with an amazing company called Integrity Debt Solutions referred by VBL. The company provides different packages according to the needs of every family, and only takes a portion of the retirement compensation, while you can retain the remaining fund.
Choosing VBL ’s buyout has turned out to be a perfect decision to solve my financial worries post-retirement. The decision provided my young family with financial stability as I am receiving hard cash in the present, in exchange for the veteran disability compensation fund that would otherwise return me small amounts of money in monthly installments in the future. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? I would rather focus on making the best out of my benefits now and secure a financially stable present and future. Because of this opportunity my family and I are more financially stable. We are finally looking into purchasing a home of our own. I feel that everyone in their team through the whole process do have the best interest for my family and I. They have set me up for success for the present and future. I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much! Clarissa P. California



I was contacted, qualified, vetted, instructed, complied with the checklist of items from the various organizations involved in the process and funded. All within a concise time frame! Faster than the closing on a house transaction where I net less than I was netting from this particular transaction!   Mark I felt like I was back in the military and working on a deployment! Superlative customer service across the various organizations your collaborate with.  I say to any veteran out there seeking a solution to their financial situation look no further than VBL ! Bar far above reproach! No other agencies out there claiming to provide service such as yours even comes close! CJ J. San Diego!



I wanted to take a moment to talk about my experience with VBL.  My family experienced a series of tragedies when I was injured and became ill while on active duty and then our oldest son was critically wounded leaving him paralyzed.  In less than a year, our family of 6 was thrown into the turmoil of medical expenses and ultimately the medical retirement of myself and my son. Honestly, besides our emotional tolls, our financial stability took an incredible hit and we reeled for 3 years trying to recover our lives. My wife and I worked very hard and ultimately began to pull ourselves back up but we fell short being able to pay off the debts that had gone bad and to have funds to make our home handicap accessible. I was actually told about VBL by someone else on active duty going through med boards. I looked into it several times before ultimately deciding that it was going to be the best choice to regain our lives. Mr Corbett was very honest, open and up front about the services provided. He gave clear and honest answers about what I could potentially qualify for and absolutely did not pressure me. Once I decided to move forward, the team was all very compassionate and helpful in explaining the process and talking to me at length about how this option isn't for everyone, but could be the thing that our family needed. All my questions were answered.  The whole process went very very smoothly and Mr Corbett never failed to answer my emails quickly. We received our funds and are now well underway to having our home renovated and ready for our son and all our past due bills paid off.  I would tell any one that is considering it to look further at it.  Consider that the value of the money you are able to receive now has far greater impact than a trickle over years. The most profound part for my family is that no one judged us.  Instead they made us feel that we had done our best and we were not alone in our endeavor to clean up the fall out that few Americans experience in this situation.   Very grateful and thankful for the opportunity. Chad B. SC



I contacted Mark to find out more information on if selling part of my VA Disability was an option, AND the right choice for me. Mark and his staff were fabulous and always available for questions and explanations through the entire process. Once I had the information I needed, and decided to move forward, Mark’s team was efficient and the entire transaction closed well ahead of when I had anticipated results. I am very happy with not only the service that I received PRIOR to becoming a client, but also the follow-through and contact that I received throughout the process and following closing.
Mark and his team helped me make informed choices that will benefit my family for years to come. I was in a situation where my financial worries were becoming daily stresses and causing panic attacks that sent me to the hospital. Not only has that tremendous burden been relieved, but they have given me the tools and opportunity to build a positive credit history moving forward.
Without hesitation, I would recommend Mark and his staff to anyone that is investigating selling their annuity, settlement, or disability payment. Their knowledge is extensive. Their customer service is attentive and accurate. But most of all, they want to make sure you are making the right decision for you and your family – that is their focus. I am very fortunate to have found this resource. Since I contacted, my opportunities, outlook, and financial state has improved, confidence has once again blossomed, and I have them to thank for their part in that process. Shannon B, Sun Prairie WI



Hi.  My name is Daryl S.  from Sarasota Fl.
I am a disabled Veteran, who was having some financial difficulties. I looked into selling part of my pension for a lump sum.  I visited VBL after doing a google search and checking out the other pension selling companies. At first I was apprehensive because of some of the negative reviews I was reading online, none of these negative reviews would name a business or company name it was random for the most part. So I went on VBL  put in some basic information about myself.  Within minutes Mark Corbett called me and we talked about the program.  Mark was very upfront and candid with me from the start.  None of the other places I had visited called or responded for some time and when they did it was all about being quick and easy but with horrible rates.  When Mark told me that his program was not for everyone and that not everyone qualifies which surprised me because like I stated earlier the other people that I talked too were all to eager to buy my pension.  Mark and his associates are professional and very thorough.  Mark told me from the start that this was not a quick transaction, because there is some paperwork and forms that I as the seller had to produce. Once again Mark and his associates were very professional, prompt and helpful for any questions that I had and I had a lot of them. For me the selling point was before I seen any money to me directly they used part of the money to pay all the debts that I had listed.  I was able to pay off all my credit card debt as well as predatory loans.
I made the decision to do this and have not regretted it all, this has alleviated most of my financial anxieties and it gave me some cash on top of that to use how or when I choose.  I would recommend doing this to anyone that was looking for a smart and effective way to alleviate some of or all of your financial needs.  Again Mark and his associates truly impressed me with their professionalism and the way they handled my case.  I cannot not be any happier with this decision, and again would recommend this to anyone.
Daryl S, Sarasota, FL



“The best part of selling my pension was working with Mark, I was able to provide a fantastic wedding for my daughter and that all came true with Mark’s help, wonderful , wonderful wedding with a life time of great memories.”   Gary K ,  Pennsylvania



“Mark and his team were able to help me when others could not. I looked everywhere for debt consolidation loans, but due to my credit history in college I wasn’t able to get approved for a loan, despite the great money I was currently making in addition to my disability payment from the VA. The process was smooth and Mark and his team made everything a breeze. Because of their services I am now able to make even on all the debts I had accrued and put some money away for a rainy day. Thanks a lot Mark and team, you’ve seriously changed my life for the better.”  Anthony A. Oro Valley, AZ



“Your service and response was quick and fast. Your actions were decisive and professionally carried and done efficiently.”     Marshall E. Atlanta, GA



“Dealing with your company was a great experience.  Took about 10 weeks but well worth it in the end we are now able to do things that we would have otherwise been unable to do.  Would recommend this to anyone.”  David P.  Michigan



“Mark and Mackenzie - YOU TWO ARE THE HARDEST WORKING FOLKS IN SHOW BUSINESS!  And coming from Augusta GA. home of the late great James Brown, that is quite the compliment.  We have the money and an official offer on our new home!  Sherri and I are so grateful to the both of you!  God Bless you both for working so hard for us.”   Scott and Sherri C.



“I recently went through the process of selling my pension. I am very happy to announce they actually answer the phone and answer your questions like they say they do in the initial conversation. I was very impressed with the customer service. I would definitely recommend this company to every Veteran I know.” F. Towns



“Hello Mark great job of helping me get that money that I needed so badly. Now I’m living the American Dream. Thanks, so happy with the help and how fast the process was.” Keith C.



“I just recently went through the process of selling my VA pension.  The best part of the process was the customer service.  Mark and Mackenzie will go the extra mile to make sure that everything is taken care of.  They literally take you by the hand and lead you in the right direction.  Selling my pension was a very easy process. I can now take care of some bills and start my own little business.  I will definitely recommend this program to every veteran out there who needs a little financial boost in this crazy economy. Once again Thank you Mark and Mackenzie you guys are a blessing.”    Jonathan M. Florida



“I had been looking for a program like yours for awhile. Other companys seemed too have to much red tape. Called the number spoke with Mark and he and I got the ball rolling. Smooth paperwork transaction. All done in a timely manner. I recommmend that you give them a call and see how their program will work  to better your life.” -Ron C. Va.



“I received the money in my account this morning. Thank You very much. I really appreciate your patience and listening to my concerns.  That shows you are a man of your word. Thank You.”  -Jeannette B



“I was unsure about this whole “monthly pension for lump sum of cash” deal when I found it on the internet. But no doubt about it, you guys were efficient, assuring and great to work with. I received the full amount I needed to cover some significant expenses. I will certainly be recommending your company to others seeking a lump sum of cash. You made it simple, quick and above all you were honest about everything.” -Steven M.  Southern California.



“I am proof that VBL is a well  kept secret that all veterans should be aware of, Mark was very professional and went through the whole process with me from beginning to end. I was relieved to settle all my debts and only used part of my pension. Thanks again Mark.”  -Reggie P, Michigan



“This is long overdue, but here it is. Words can’t describe all of the emotions I felt after I sold my pension, but one word that sticks out is relieved. My wife and I were struggling with all kinds of financial difficulties and after selling my pension, all that burden was lifted off my shoulder.  Mark and the folks at VBL really were patient with me calling all the time and they work so hard to make sure to help me out as fast as they could.  Mark and JT you guys are really awesome and that is why I am gonna be a repeat seller. Thanks.” -Joe C



“I wanted to thank you again for helping me to receive this funding. This helped me to take care of financial needs, place extra funds on the side for an emergency, and also to help others facing a difficult time.  Your patience with my questions and your commitment is truly appreciated.” Jeannette B.



“Being able to sell a portion of my pension was a life-saving experience for my wife and me. It is allowing us to apply money that we needed now in order to be able to afford a necessary medical procedure for my wife and it is also allowing us to apply part of the sum we received to various projects that can bring us a big return. Mackenzie, Scott and Mark, you people made it a very comfortable process and all three of you showed a very much appreciated friendly and helpful attitude that in today’s world is very hard to find. Believe me, it was a blessing being able to get needed funds and being able to do so while being treated with respect and dignity!” – George K., New York City



Mark and Mackenzie were very helpful in securing a buyout of my pension benefits. The funds will allow me to get back into the Real Estate business and secure my income in the future. Very professional and knowledgeable about the process. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs this service. I received the best quote from them.” D. Clark, Newport Beach CA



“I was able to sel a portion of my monthly VA pension. Mark, Mackenzie and JT (the dynamic trio) were very helpful in answering all my questions and the processing of all documents in a diligent and professional manner. Thanks to your superior service I am now able to provide a better life for my children and would recommend this opportunity to all veterans.” Francis B. Bluebell, PA



“The process was quick and easy and I’m very impressed with how everything came together as it did”  Tony G., Trenton, MI



“Mark – just wanted to give you and your staff a big thumbs up for taking me through the process. Mackenzie Young did a great job of getting me all the information I needed to make this happen. I would recommend your services to anyone as a matter of fact I signed my brother up. And he is looking forward to the same great service you showed me.” Lambert W.



“Selling my pension was a blessing for me. It has enabled me to straighten out my finances right now when I needed it. I can finally sleep nights once again with bills paid and money in the bank. Mark Corbett explained the process to me and made it happen. I cant thank you enough .You have changed my life!” Art G..



“The process was simple, the customer service excellent and I am deeply grateful for the service provided. I used my future income to pay off a lot of ‘knick-nack’ bills that were draining my regular paychecks. If you have this option and are committed to financial freedom……..Mark is the guy to square you away.” Ron B., Louisville



“I want to thank Mr Corbett and VBL for all the assitance they gave me in turning my Veterans Disability into cash I could use right away to take care of some issues around my home. They are a fast and friendly group of people that will walk you through the process and will be there to answer any questions you have along the way.” – Joe, Aneta ND



“I would just like to say that selling part of my pension has helped my family out tremendously.   I was able to pay off bills and get “caught up “. I wouldn’t have been able to do this other wise.   The help I received getting through the process is greatly appreciated also.   The staff was available for all of my questions and didn’t hesitate in anyway to help.   I would do it again if needed.”    Brandon M,   Mississippi



Btradling was so helpful in helping me achieve financial freedom. They walked me through the process with professionalism and patience. They answered every question I had with clarity which gave me confidence throughout the entire process. As a disabled Veteran with a new career, the opportunity to use my pension in a manner that enabled a smooth transition for me and my family into civilian life was the best decision I could have made. I would recommend them to any of my Retired Military friends. The ability to use a significant portion of my pension now opened many doors that I could not achieved with monthly payments. Thanks!  Rick H., Boston



“Dear Mark – I want to thank you and Ferrari so much for your help. You folks have been very professional and a real joy to work with. Any time I called and had a question, you guys were there to answer them and walk me through the process. Thanks again for everything!!!!”  John A. NY, NY



“I would like to thank the people at VBL for all they did to secure the funding that I needed. They really came through for me when other similar services would not even make the effort. I would like to specifically like to recognize Mark Corbett and Ferarri Scgroggins for assisting me throughout the whole progress, this is how business should be done.” John K., Texas



“Mark and his team went above and beyond to get me the money I needed. Mark even interceded on my behalf to make sure I got as much money as I needed. I have complete faith and confidence in Mark and his team. The process was smooth and Mark and his team made everything a breeze. Because of their services I am now able to purchase a plot of land that I was not able to do through conventional or the VA loan process. Thanks a lot Mark and team, you’ve seriously changed my situation for the better.” Thaddeus P. Seattle, Washington



“Mark - Thank you for all your help, you rock.” TD



“First and foremost I would like to thank Mark  for doing an outstanding job getting my lump sum. Without their help, I would not be where I am right now. I can finally reach my financial goals. Working with them was a pleasure, they are straight forward and very helpful with the instructions and paperwork. They were able to get me my lump sum quickly and smoothly. I highly recommend working with them. Thanks again guys!” Rick M



“We had all but given up on ever being financially stable then along came VBL. At first we thought it might be a scam and were extremely reluctant to give out any financial information.  So we did some extensive investigation and found VBL to be legit.  There were no credit limitations or subject to’s.  When we saw the money in our account we were overcome with joy. There is simply only one word to say about the pension buy out, awesome!!! and well worth the wait.” Ed S.



“This program for me was awesome my name is Mano, and this has been truly a great experience for me and my family. The team at VBL takes good care the clients looking for some funds now! Fast, effective, organized they make this sell my pension plan experience easy, stress free, and they put money in your pockets! Do it now, for them to be a blessing to you today.”



“The recent sale of my pension was a very smooth process. Mark and Ferrari were very easy to communicate with and kept me informed during every step of the process. This sale has helped me pay off some old bills and set me up for future financial success. Thanks again for everything.” Dan, Virginia.



” I first found about selling my VA disability pension from Google on the internet. I figured it would be a lonely and drawn out process, but it was really painless and simple. Plus I had a person in contact with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend these services to any person who has a cash stream and needing cash for any reason.” – Jamar, Fort Worth Texas



“This company really helped me out in a time of need. They worked step by step with me and made sure I had everything I needed every step of the way. They were truthful and honest from day one and I would definitely recommend them!” -Jermaine R, Florida



“My experience with Mark and Ferrari has been nothing less than professional. The entire process went smoothly, all of questions and concerns were addressed quickly. I totally want to thank Mark and Ferrari for their quick communications and precise responses whenever I had questions. I have now started my own business and am on the road to making my dreams come true! I truly appreciate all the hard work!”
Tim H.



“I sold a portion of my VA disability to pay some college off for one of my boys and we needed a new car for my wife. It worked out well and I would do it again if needed. I feel good about it because it is my money going to these things and I don’t have to worry about paying off a loan.” Gene S.



“It was a great way to get a hold of a large amount of cash! Also, I want to extend KUDOS to Ferrari Scroggins…you guys have an outstanding employee, I truly mean that! I hope you guys are compensating him for his worth!  As for Mark, I have to say that he is ALWAYS available 24/7! I and my spouse are extremely grateful for the service your company provides! It definitely changed are lives for the better! Thanks!” Ron O., Oklahoma City



“Mark and Daniel really helped me out of a tight spot. They answered all my questions along the way, and never left me hanging in the process wondering what was going on! Would definitely do business with them again!” Cody



”Thanks for your help and all  the team from VBL including Calvin. Your service was excellent and the waiting process was worth it… We appreciate all the help and I will recommend people we know to you.” Michael L., California



“I was a new retiree with endless bills and no where to turn.  Changing jobs made it difficult to receive loans at rates I could afford.  While in the military it is easy to get behind with deployments and unexpected cost that you are just not prepared for.  I heard about annuity settlements where you could get one lump sum payout but did not think I could use my military retirement.  After researching a number of places I was able to reach Mark Corbett and VBL.  They made the process easy and explained everything every step of the way.  They were very patient with me and went out of there way to ensure that I had all of the paperwork required.  It was a long process but a very rewarding one.  I received my settlement was able to retain a portion of my pension and was able to finally get ahead and start enjoying retirement without the stress of bill collectors.  This is a great opportunity but make sure it is for you by talking with a great professional like Mark Corbett who will tell you honestly if this is right for your situation.  Good luck and thank you to the entire VBL Team.” Eric G., Texas



“VBL walked my family and I through the selling of a portion of my VA Disability, step by step.  They assigned me a personal case manager, named Calvin, that would answer any and all of my questions within 24 hours, business days holding of course.  The anxiety that we felt initially was swept away through constant contact and concise instructions. With the current economic conditions not allowing for the loan of the funds that my family and I needed, this was the option that left us feeling most secure and able to look at ourselves in the mirror the next day.  It feels great knowing that our bills will be paid and we can continue on our path, with a brighter financial future ahead. Money today IS worth more than money tomorrow, especially if you use it wisely and learn from past mistakes.” N.W., Georgia



“I was in the need of funds to assist me with the expansion of my small business and I was referred to VBL. The representatives were very responsive to my questions and concerns.  The process was quick and easy.  I would definitely refer this service to other people in need of a lump sum of funds.  This service has certainly helped me increase the quality of my own business.  My experience with VBL was great.” Diedra G.



“I just wanted to thank you for your help and consideration in the ongoing efforts you provided to me in order to make sure the funding came through from my retirement pension. The past couple of years have been extremely trying and the monthly pension amount just wasn’t cutting it.  The lump sum amount that I received, through your efforts, will assist me in getting back in the saddle and to start a new path in life.” RC, Jacksonville



“I am a corporate pensioner that just sold through VBL. I want to heartily recommend VBL to anyone who is considering obtaining funds in this manner for the following reasons:

1) Experience: they know this business better than the others– I have shopped around!

2) Volume and throughput: they have a reputation with known buyers because of their volume of clients served, which really helps.

3) Service: they put their reputation on the line and take personal responsibility to give each and every client the best service possible. This from my experience far surpasses their competition. They care, and it shows in every way a customer would value.

4) Special kudos: to BuyYourPension management and staff: Mark Corbett and Ferrari Scroggins for exemplifying items 1-3 above.”  Mike S., Colorado



“I just have to say that I was beyond skeptical of anything that I found online offering solutions to my money problems, i.e. payday loans, micro loans etc. With all of the scams, It is a scary thing putting your personal information online, these days. My finances have become such a mess, as I’ve been getting nickel and dimed, with late fees, for bills not being paid on time, interest on a monthly Money Tree loan, $35 a month on a recurring $500 cash advance I haven’t managed to go without, etc. etc. I had fines that were keeping me from getting my drivers license, of $1500+, my wages were being garnished for a tax lien, that was originally $2200.00, in which I paid over $5000 in garnishments to rectify, only to get it down to around $800 or so a year and get hit hit with $7-800 in interest every time. Life has been rough, and there was no way out, no light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve spent months being homeless, months eating a meal a day, it has not been fun to say the least. All I needed was a way to pay off my garnishment, my fines, and to get a car, so that I could be financially solvent, but how? I can’t even remember what it was about Buy your pension, that somehow made me believe it was even a possibility, maybe it was desperation, I dunno, but I’m glad that I did it. The whole process took me about 4 weeks total, and I got my money just as promised. My life has now changed, I easily make up double the amount of what I’m paying back, just by having a car, I receive 100% of my pay now, as the 25% garnishment is lifted, and I can sleep at night! Mark and Whitney were absolute life savers, walked me through every step, their customer service was so good, I never waited for information as to what was going on with the process, they kept me involved and up to date till the very end of closing the deal. I’m living a new life now, one I thought was beyond me, bills are paid, even had the confidence to finally sign up for auto pay, cause I knew I would have money in my account! I sleep at night without staring at the ceiling, loathing the next day, and another round of find the money, I have a car, I am debt free, and I’m working 4x’s what I was able to before. I can’t thank the team at Voyager enough for all of their hard work, and for offering a service that is such a life saver. I highly recommend this to anyone facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, in the way of their daily happiness. Life is good!” Shawn B, San Diego



“When I started the process of selling my pension, my husband and I had already filed for bankruptcy.  But we were still so behind on our rent, and our truck note. Then the unthinkable happened; our truck, our only mode of transportation, was repossessed. But it was VBL who saved us. We were able to completely pay off our truck, buy me a small used car, and pay off all the things that we didn’t put in the bankruptcy. You can’t put into words how much VBL helped us. It was a lengthy process, but the staff was amazingly helpful. They were right there with us every step of the way. We sleep a lot easier now! I would recommend this company to anyone!” Sincerely, Joy B. Alabama



“You guys are life savers. I was very hesitant at first, but the whole staff was very professional and guided me comfortably through the process. Ferarri was always there to answer any questions I had. I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into my case. Thank you and Merry Christmas.” John N, Florida



”I just recently went through the process of selling my VA pension, and I can truly say that Mark and Whitney walked me through it and answered all of my questions and made me feel so comfortable making this decision.  It was a hard transition financially for my family and me but with Mark and Whitney, they have lifted a huge weight off and now I can start this new journey with my finances above “water”. The process was simple, and the turn around time was quick. I would definitely recommend this program to other veterans who are transitioning and need a financial loan in this economic time. We as veterans always here “We’re for you”, well I can truly say that Mark and Whitney stand by that phrase, thank you so much.” Andre H., Ret US Army Memphis



“I have been so pleased with the professional service I have received from Mark Corbett and VBL.  The process was very easy and relatively quick.  Mr. Corbett was extremely polite, knowledgeable and thorough when he explained how the process would work and what I would need to do in order to ensure the smoothest possible processing of my case.  One thing that really impressed me was that open line of communication that Mark maintained with me.  He was always there to answer a question or to help me fill out the required paperwork.  If I left him a message late at night he would always return my call first thing the next morning if not later the same night. Knowing that he was always there to help me through this process was very reassuring.  I could not be more pleased with my experience with VBL.  It is very clear that Mark has the best interests of his clients in mind and he worked very hard to make sure I was completely satisfied and comfortable in decisions I made regarding selling my income stream.  Now as a client that has completed the process, I am in a much better financial situation and as a result I am enjoying a better quality of life and am much happier now that my finances are in order and I have breathing room.  I received my funding three weeks before Christmas and it has been by far the best Christmas ever!  There is no doubt that I would go back to Mr. Corbett and the team at VBL if I ever needed to and I am grateful that Mark will be there when I need them in the future.” Elizabeth T., Albany GA



“Thank you again Mr. Corbett for all of your hard work and effort to ensure my case was processed successfully and quickly.  I cannot tell you how significant the impact of this process has been for me.  My life was once filled with constant stress as I continuously dodged the phone calls of creditors and agonizing over how I would pay my grad school tuition.  Now, as if by magic, that stress and anxiety has disappeared and there is no monetary value that can be placed on that feeling.  As a result, I will be forever grateful for everything you have done for me.  As the only company to offer these types of services to individuals with VA disability income streams I think you will effectively corner a market that has a desperate need for your services and as a result, you should reap the rewards of your early entrance into this market.  I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and I wish you and your family a safe and blessed holiday season and a Happy New Year.  As a government employee many of my colleagues are veterans, of which, a large percentage are disabled and receiving VA benefits.  I will definitely send any that appear to require or show interest in your services your way.  What you do is extremely valuable and ultimately critical to those of us that need it and for that I will be forever thankful.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.” Elizabeth Towler



“Mark and Whitney were very helpful in securing a buyout of my pension benefits. The funds will allow me to travel overseas to visit with sick family members to provide comfort and support for our family. Despite being a long process on my end, Whitney was there every step of the way answering emails and voicemails to make me confident that progress was always moving forward. When Whitney was out sick, her team kept me informed as if she was never gone. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs this service.” M. Rodriguez, San Antonio TX



“I was very pleased with the manner in which my case was handled by VBL.  All my questions and concerns were addressed immediately and I was encouraged to contact them with any problems.  There were no “tricks”, no “bait and switch” techniques.  Everything is explained clearly and you are not pressured in any way.  I would and have recommended this company to my fellow veterans who are looking for a reputable company to sell their pension to.” Bernard L., Elmore, AL



“Mark, Ferrari and their team helped me in the biggest way. I can now get my life back on track. The process was a tad longer then expected but so worth it in the end. Thank you all!”     Charles P